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Hannah Says

Hannah Bugas

Hannah Says is the podcast for anyone who wants to learn straightforward tools to find and maintain their inner confidence. Each episode helps you move toward a mindset of self-acceptance and neutrality so you can learn to trust yourself and your inner voice. If you're ready to take bold action on your self-acceptance journey, join your host Hannah for authentic conversations about confidence, self-love, body acceptance, mental health, relationships, boundaries, feminism, chronic illness, fitness and everything in between. Hannah (they/she) is a queer, chronically ill graduate student, powerlifter, content creator and speaker known for her non-judgmental advice, inspirational stories and silly sense of humour. Join Hannah as she inspires thousands of women worldwide to stop giving a f*ck what others think and live life confidently. Follow Hannah on social media @healthybyhannahb. Download your free ebook for body acceptance at https://view.flodesk.com/pages/6359c81bf72532b6a7c5a6e7